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How to integrate an interactive pixel window into your website and earn with great commissions with

How to earn with great commissions with

How to integrate, Free, an interactive pixel window into your website or blog ... offers the ability to integrate a pixel window or pixel banner on any other website or blog.
By offering your users or subscribers the opportunity to place ads of any kind, such as selling new, used, vintage, etc. ... this will bring more traffic and increase the value of your website or blog.

Each window or banner is made of an image and an image map with links and descriptions about it. The background is at your discretion (it can be a window of any color or image of your choice)

A demo can be seen on the page

The pixel window can be integrated into your simply by copying the code that will be provided and pasting it to the exact location where you intend to place it in your site.

This form of affiliation will allow you to earn a 50% commission on each pixel that will use your visitors.
To integrate the Pixel Window into your site or blog, send the size and color or ask for info at   >>Team 123Up<<

27.09.2017 - Blog - Description utilities & Affiliate

- Your advertisement will be visible immediately on the front page
- It's flexible because you can customize your promotional ad, while staying 2 years on the site, at any time.
- Possibility of individual offers and short term as per your request
- Online through secure server, Italian supplier, in Italy
- Simply because the ad is in minutes online.
- Opportunity to place a window or banner pixel in your Site (of any size and color) to give your subscribers or customers the ability to place low-cost promotional ads (your commission will be 50%).
- Favorable as it is possible to advertise from 0.0034 euros per day
- Gaining opportunities for webmasters, digital agencies, websites or blogs, with the 'free' integration of a pixel window in your site, blog, etc. . . with the 50% commission on the pixels captured by your visitors / users
Please send your inquiries  >>> HERE !!! <<<

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